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Dr. Jeffrey Kadair and his staff would like to welcome you to Goodwood Family Dentistry. We invite you to explore our site as we have provided a wealth of information about dentistry and the procedures available to you at our practice. Please feel free to call our office with any questions and to schedule an appointment. We are always happy to assist you with your dental needs.

We believe our patients deserve to make well-informed, comfortable choices about their oral health. We take extra time in the consultation session to review several treatment options and assist in tailoring restorative choices to an individual's specific needs, with both their cares and concerns in mind.

Dr. Jeffrey Kadair and his staff believe forming trusting relationships is just as important in helping patients achieve superior oral health. Trusting your dentist helps in making good choices and relieving the anxiety that many feel. We want you to have both a great experience and outcome as a result of visiting our office!


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COVID 19 Practice Safety Measures

We take COVID 19 safety procedures very seriously.

⮞ All patients are monitored before appointments to determine if they have any COVID 19 symptoms or infection.
⮞ Patients can call before entering the office, to make sure social distancing is accomplished.
⮞ All patients are electronically monitored for a normal temperature.
⮞ Patients use a 15 second pretreatment rinse that kills 99.97% of the human coronavirus.
⮞ Our treatment rooms have a HEPA filter and UV light filtration systems to kill airborne virus.
⮞ All surfaces are disinfected pre and post treatment to strict protocols.
⮞ As always we use disposable masks and gloves during entire patient visit.
⮞ We encourage patients to let us know of any concerns that they have and we address them immediately.

Thank you,
Dr. Jeffrey Kadair and staff